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This is an official support page for Advertwide, here you will find all the answers to your questions or excluding some you might not find and have to live chat one of our agents for further inquiries. Below is some of the questions you might find.

Under normal circumstances, the answer is Yes but should have the same personal account data.

Yes, changing your password on frequent basis is the best practice since it add extra layer to your account security.

Of course, you have to be aware of hackers activities. Make sure your fire-ware and Antivirus is in working state. Keep your firmware and antivirus turned on, and when an alert pops up, make it a habit and update always.

Maybe, you failed to tick the checkbox of recaptcha.

If you registered with Gmail or Facebook, then there is no need for account verification since it already verified. But if you registered manually then you have to check your email inbox or spam folder.

1. Your Ad was rejected because you excessively tried to spam the system by submitting links for backlinks. 2. You didnt upload a picture. 3. You posted the same Ad at one location. 4. You were trying to advertise pornographic contents.

Our android mobile is available at android play-store for download.

Usually, Ad posted for free takes a minimum of 1 hour to get it approve. Premium Ad takes 10 minutes to get it approved. Ad approval takes much longer if the system identify that the Ad is spam and just want to game the system.